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I was having problems with an annoying sound in my truck when I gave it gas from a dead stop a thump which was driving me crazy. I needed to find out what it was because I was trying to sell it and I didn't won't to sell a truck that had a problem and besides who is going to buy a truck with a strange sound coming from it in the first place. I was worried about taking it to just anyone because of the prices some places would charge to fix it knowing that I was clueless and didn't know what the problem was so I decided to take it to the Lawrenceville AAMCO location since a friend told me they were honest and fair. I drove up to this location and they got right on it meaning we took off on a test drive and then back to the shop. They put it on a lift and began trying to figure out the problem, I mean they were going all over the truck from the rear to the front with a flash light looking under it while another was in the truck on the lift and running it. I was told to just go home and wait for a phone call and the next day I got it they found the problem and to my surprise it was the sway bar links in the front. They could have told me it was the gears in the rear end which would have cost $1000.00 + dollars and I would have believed them but being a honest and fair they told me it was a $185.00 problem. They even came to my house and picked me up since I didn't have a way back to the shop to get my truck, anyway thanks a million Scott and the guys at that AAMCO in Lawrenceville,Ga for being straight up with me, I really appreciate what you did!

Jesse Jay

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